Our Environmental Ethics

Sustainable Event Alliance

Conlog is proud to be part of the Sustainable Event Alliance.

The Sustainable Event Alliance is an industry professional guild for those working or studying in the event industry and related supply chain and who are passionate about, committed to and wish to be leaders in event sustainability. It’s also a membership organisation for event production companies, events, venues and organisations who are committed to producing events sustainability and using their events to enhance and support sustainable development.

It’s about maximising our positive impact and minimising our footprint!

Our Environmental Policy

The team at Conference Logistics are committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner both in terms of how we operate our business and in the planning and organisation of events by supporting green meeting practices.

We understand and recognise the impact the events industry has globally on our environment, in terms of the use of resources, travel, consumables and other, and we continue to seek ways in which to improve sustainability and mitigate our carbon footprint.

Conference Logistics is an ACTSmart Business and is an ACT Government accredited recycler.

How do we do this?
  • Recycled paper is used in our office
  • All documents are printed double-sided where possible
  • We minimise the volume of printed materials, and encourage electronic documents where possible
  • We encourage our clients to consider the ‘green policies’ of venues when planning a conference
  • We work with our clients to develop e-marketing strategies
  • We promote the conference website as your conference’s primary marketing tool